12 reasons to insulate using this material for renovation and new construction projects

Tradical Hempcrete’s ability to meet stringent technical or environmental demands is leading to the development of new building methods and undoubtedly new ways of looking at future projects: moving away from deep foundations, better thermal performance, increased comfort for occupants, optimum use of materials, streamlined work site logistics and more comfort for local residents living near work sites.



  • 1-20 successful years already behind us

This hempcrete solution bears the hallmark of Weber innovation. Weber has developed the best possible lime for mixing with hemp to create a composite of ground-breaking materials with a whole portfolio of benchmark work sites.

  • 2-Lime & Hemp — something entirely new

Weber created the first formulated limes, which are now approved by European building lime standard NF EN 459, and Chanvribat, the first hemp to meet building quality standards.

  • 3-Benchmark performance ratings

The combined qualities of Tradical Hempcretes have created a benchmark for all studies conducted in laboratories and in French universities.

This lime/hemp blend served as a reference point for developing the ‘French Professional Rules for the Construction of Hempcrete Structures’.



  • 4-An ultra-light material

With a lime/hemp mix proportion of 330 kg/m3, this solution is a must for restoration projects, as it only exerts a low amount of weight on old fragile structures.

For new constructions, this characteristic allows for lighter foundations.

  • 5-Compatibility coupled with a broad range of finishes

Aside from the usual sand plus lime finishes with traditional or contemporary looks, the other finishes on offer — zinc, timber and metal — are also perfectly acceptable due to their inherent hygric transfer capacity.

  • 6-Simplified structures

Fewer materials are required to build an insulating structure — wall, lining, render, roof and screed — making the job much easier and guaranteed to last.

  • 7-A cost-effective application

Tradical Hempcrete can be applied manually or by mechanical projection. The latter allows about 60 m² to be applied per day to the required thickness.

  • 8-Adaptable to a variety of building systems

This materials adapts to different building systems: half-timbering, timber framing, metal framing and reinforced concrete beams and columns.

Used with timber load-bearing systems for new buildings or renovations, its capacity to regulate hygric transfers enables timber elements to dry out naturally over time, giving the structure a long life.



  • 9-Thermal performance ratings

Tradical Hempcrete enables buildings to be constructed with thermal performance ratings that meet current French thermal regulations (RT). It has already positioned itself in line with the 2020 objectives, with some detached houses having a heating budget of less than €100 per year.

  • 10-Hygric performance ratings

This is an inherent potential these solutions have and is crucial for creating a comfortable living space. Eliminating the ‘cold wall effect’ and regulating relative humidity provides a feeling of comfort and has a direct positive impact on energy consumption.

  • 11-A very low impact on the environment

1 m² of Tradical Hempcrete with a thickness of 35 cm stores 100 kg of CO2, whereas most other insulation materials emit carbon dioxide.

  • 12-As safe as can be: structures that act as fire-breaks

Exposed to a temperature of 1000°C, a Tradical Hempcrete wall remains intact after three hours without emitting smoke or flying sparks. The temperature on the other side of the wall barely reaches 80°C.


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