Case study 01 – Heating energy consumption

It is winter, and January through to February is the ideal time to do the rounds of the houses built a few years ago using Tradical Hempcrete and discover how truly energy efficient they are in terms of heating.

The calculations for designing projects that conform with Thermal Regulations are theoretical,
so when you are holding an actual reduced heating bill in your hands, it feels great!
It underlines the benefits of the Tradical Hempcrete insulating system, which go above and beyond the R value alone.

The house we are (re-)visiting today is located in Mimeure, in the Côte d’Or department. It was completed in 2011, RT 2015-compliant.

‘At the beginning,’ says Mme Doile (project owner), ‘the idea of an eco-friendly house drove me to find out more by going to green building trade shows. Then I met a builder, Mr Babic, trained to work with Tradical Hempcrete, which helped me develop my project.’


‘I wanted an energy-efficient house to limit heating costs, bearing in mind the future and the ever-increasing cost of fuel.’


‘Six years on and I can safely say I have rarely felt cold in my house.’ ‘When I go away for a few days, I come back to an indoor temperature of 15°C, which immediately rises to a comfortable temperature once the heating gets going.’

Mme Doile showed us round her house around midday on 8 December 2016:

  • outdoors it was 4°C,
  • indoors the temperature with no heating was about 20°C
  • despite an outdoor temperature of -4°C in the early morning.

At the design phase, the engineering consultants included an electric heating system in their calculations. However, this heating source has never been used. The house is heated exclusively by a 6 kW stove with an external air supply. The north-facing bedrooms were cosily fitted with tripled-glazed windows, whereas the ideally placed, large south-facing living room windows only required double-glazing.

The outcome is that today, 4 to 5 steres of wood a year are enough to heat the house! 

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