Case study 02 – Monitoring heating costs

This hempcrete house is yet another example of energy efficiency. The figures prove it.
Located in the Haute-Garonne department, the house was designed with an environmentally friendly approach in mind:

  • Natural insulation with Tradical® Hempcrete insulating walls
    (R = 3.5 m²K/W for a thickness of 30 cm)
  • A Tradical® Hempcrete insulating roof
    (R = 5 m²K/W for a thickness of 30 cm)
  • Masonry stove
  • Solar DHW

Completed in 2011, the house has provided us with a precise snapshot of energy consumption. Note that for all hempcrete constructions, heating energy consumption is higher during the first year of use before becoming more stable in the following years, as the table below shows.

Outcome per yearYear 1Year 2Year 3
Wood consumption2 steres of logs
+ 2 m3 of chestnut
1.5 steres of logs
+ 2 m3 of chestnut
2 steres of wood
Energy performance57 kWh/m²/year50 KWh/m²/year30 kWh/m²/year
Heating costs250 €200 €150 €

Overall energy performance

The outcome is 50 kWh/m²/year, taking account of DHW and ancillaries in particular

Energy consumption byIC2E

Temperature readings show good indoor thermal comfort in winter and summer.

  • In winter: 22/23°C indoors in the daytime when outdoors it is 0°C at night and 9°C during the day
  • In summer: 25/26°C indoors in the daytime when outdoors it is 15°C at night and 30°C during the day

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