Case study 05 – The advantages of extending upwards using Tradical® Hempcrete

The original house consisted of just a ground floor with a surface area of 50 m². The upward extension consisted of an extra floor and a converted attic, bringing the total surface area up to 90 m², or resulting in 80% extra space.


Why use a timber framework combined with hempcrete?

  • The additional load was reasonable. 320 kg/m3, or 96 kg/ml for a thickness of 30 cm for insulating walls and 48 kg/ml for a thickness of 15 cm for insulating gable walls.
  • The walls and roof were lightweight and insulated, yet they still felt as sturdy as most of traditional buildings in the area.


High-performance insulation with very low heating bills

  • 2 steres of wood
  • That is all it takes to heat the house for a year. And no air conditioning is required for the hotter season either, despite the location.

Mechanical projection meant that

  • The four walls were finished in five days
  • The roof was finished in only two days


A uniform end result

In-situ projection ensured elements were perfectly self-insulated and that there were no thermal bridges where vertical walls joined together and where they joined with floors and the roof.


High-performance from Tradical® Hempcrete

les performanes avec Béton Chanvre Tradical

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