Renovating your house

How can you improve existing structures ?

More often than not, an old house is built to last. It has stood the test of time and will most likely continue to do so. Making improvements to it consists of increasing performances while keeping in line with the building design which has proved its worth. To achieve this, you need to choose:

  • compatible materials
  • solutions in line with its existing function
  • tailor-made work (according to the project requirements): insulating lining, insulating screed, insulating roof, insulating unused roof space, etc.


Bringing out the building’s original qualities

Thermal performance is improved by adding to what is already there. Stone, brick and other masonry often just need a ‘helping hand’ to upgrade their performance.

There is absolutely no need to remove anything already there to reinstall insulation if the bones of the initial structure are still sound.


How do you increase comfort ?

Old buildings require hygric exchanges (movement of water vapour) in walls to be taken into account. This means a surface temperature for interior walls that is the same as the ambient temperature. This equivalence, called ‘eliminating the cold wall effect’, provides a feeling of comfort and thus reduces energy consumption. An essential detail.

Satisfied customers

Lining the interior of the Maison Gallimard (Val de Marne, France): consumption reduced by a third compared with the diagnostics made for this type of building.

A Tradical Hempcrete insulating lining was laid and coated with a Tradical Hemp finishing render.

This house with 300 m² of living space (in the Yonne, France) was renovated by reworking the roof and insulating it with Tradical Hempcrete.

The result was a 40% reduction in heating consumption from the first year.

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