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Can you renovate with Weber Tradical®? 

With the Tradical® brand,Weber offers air lime products that are perfectly suited to old buildings. They can be used for all types of renovation work: masonry, pointing and rendering. They are particularly popular with historic monuments. These products, which contain a very high proportion of air lime and hemp concrete, are designed for insulation in the construction and renovation of buildings. Renovation with Weber Tradical® is possible!

History of Weber Tradical® innovations

20 years of innovation in the air lime sector with the creation of formulated limes, which will be included in European regulations, and in the biosourced sector with the development of hemp concrete, from manual application to prefabrication.

The two product ranges

Lime for masonry and rendering

This healthy, natural material is used in the construction of masonry, rendering and whitewash.



Hemp concrete

This ultra-light material, which combines lime and hemp, can be used for a wide range of projects



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Chaux et Béton de chanvre Tradical®

Hemp concrete is a material made from lime, chenevotte and water. It can be laid by hand, between benches, sprayed mechanically or in prefabricated panels/blocks. Thanks to its natural hygrothermal properties, hemp concrete is the material of choice for both new-build and renovation projects.

It is in fact "chènevotte", which refers to the stalk of the plant (defibrated). Hemp is grown in France (Champagne-Ardennes) by farmers meeting in cooperatives. As well as being pesticide-free, the plant allows different crops to be rotated, thereby improving yields.

Hemp concrete is a biosourced material (without sand): it offers numerous energy savings (summer and winter comfort). Its lifecycle analysis, illustrated by its EHSF, is currently being verified.

Caring for your walls, an essential prerequisite

We use Tradical® PZ lime to render walls showing signs of capillary rise or salt deposits. This lime makes it possible to produce mortars that will resist the effects usually generated by the mineral salts naturally contained in capillary rise. These salts are mainly responsible for the deterioration of renderings in lower areas.

It should be noted that if the rendering in place does not allow the traditional wall to breathe because it is not permeable enough, the problem can go further up the wall. The upper floor may be affected. The salts will rise and the rendering will be sufficiently permeable to allow water vapour to escape, while still being affected by the salts.

A lime that masters the subject of saltpetre

Tradical® PZ lime works like a salt filter, preventing salt migration and providing the right permeance to ensure water vapour transfers through the walls.

It can be applied indoors and outdoors at the foot of walls, base and facade. And its characteristics give it the same durability as traditional lime rendering. It is by no means a sacrificial rendering intended to be redone after a few years.

This OSB support must first receive a metal lath as described in DTU 26.1. You can then apply a traditional lime rendering with its Tradical® base, rendering body and finish.

Standard machine application
Yes, all our limes can be applied by machine (sandblaster and pump). All our limes have dosing tables for mechanical spraying.
The quality of the sand determines how well the lime mortar passes through the pump. It must be well graded. Don't hesitate to cut your sand by adding fine sand if it's too hollow, or use Tradical® PF 80 M lime.

This lime is specially designed to create balanced grading curves. This makes it possible to use local sand that is unsuitable for machine processing.

Do your work differently
Tradical® PF 80M allows you to carry out your traditional rendering differently on site, with the following advantages:

Simplification of your site supplies
An improvement in your worksite output due to the use of a single layer of 2 passes (rendering body and finish) in the case of renovation of a traditional wall.
In the case of new walls (brick, concrete block), the procedure is different, with the application of a base coat with Tradical® Bâtir lime. This is followed by the application of a single-pack rendering, which acts as the rendering body and finish, in a single pass.

Tradical® hemp concrete is a safe system that protects the structure and occupants at 4 points. When a fire breaks out, the material does not release any smoke or droplets. This makes it easier to evacuate the building and for the fire brigade to intervene. If intervention takes time, Tradical® hemp concrete prevents the fire from spreading, with a fire resistance of 240 minutes. Hemp concrete covered with lime rendering further enhances fire safety, as the rendering is classified as non-combustible.

It is possible, but in addition to the type of project, it is the level of income that determines the amount of assistance. Find out more from the ANAH (Agence nationale de l'habitat) or the ADIL (Agence départementale pour l'information sur le logement) in your département. These organisations are at your service and specialise in preparing applications for financial assistance.

Traditional Tradical® lime render is particularly recommended for its perfect compatibility. Thick, fine-grain render from the Georges Weber range has recently been added to the list of possible finishes, saving real time on the building site. Finally, it is also possible to apply any type of finish in the form of cladding (contact the cladding manufacturer for details).

To make your job easier
We have a lime coating that can be applied in a few millimetres over old paintwork. It's called Tradical® Décor. Make sure your old coating is in good condition. Remove any loose parts. Your surface should be matt. If it was satin or glossy, simply abrade the surface slightly to obtain a suitable matt surface. Also remove any traces of grease.

Application requires the application of a bonding bridge. This is applied with a brush. It will facilitate adhesion and even out the setting of the lime coating.
You can then apply Tradical® Décor. If the substrate is flat, a single pass of 2 to 3 mm will suffice.

Longevity and quality of Tradical® Décor thin lime coating

Health aspect: the products listed are guaranteed solvent-free for optimum air quality.Durability: composed of air lime, this rendering benefits from all the properties of this material: no shrinkage, resistance to cracking, resistance to delamination, etc.Colouring: a palette of 70 tones is available in pigment doses for tinting the lime rendering on site.

The procedure depends precisely on the nature of the substrate. In the case of plaster tile, common block, hemp plaster and concrete, traditional Tradical® lime plaster + sand, weber unipor should be applied first. This solution has the advantage of limiting the absorption of the Tradical® Décor mixing water by the substrate. As a result, it retains all its workability and workability during application. Another advantage is that, indoors, you avoid the risk of soaking your floor as there is no longer any need to dampen the surface to be rendered.

Tradical® Décor can be applied to many other surfaces. Please refer to the technical data sheet to find the right application for your project.

Hemp concrete has a wide range of uses, including insulating walls, insulating linings (renovation), insulating roofs and insulating floor screeds.

Hemp concrete has a wide range of uses, including insulating walls, insulating linings (renovation), insulating roofs and insulating floor screeds.

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