A single lime plaster with several options for all configurations

Why use a range of lime renders dedicated to interiors?

Different substrates are often found in the same place. Old painted elements may be found next to a new gypsum block partition wall, or you may need to freshen up old renders or damaged substrates and so on. The situations are as varied as the projects and you run the risk of having to use too many different techniques and finishes.


How do you make renovating or finishing a new construction easier?

The answer is so easy that it’s beyond belief: with a single thin lime render, Tradical® Décor, applied:

  • in a single coat that is suited to any level mineral substrate, any old render and paint substrates.
  • in two coats on level masonry substrates and Tradical Hempcrete.

Success is guaranteed as this product enables you to smooth and finish as you go, with a short preparation time and excellent cost-effectiveness to boot!


How do you enhance your interiors?

In addition to the Tradical® Décor render, we also offer special products to be used at will!

For a smooth contemporary or stucco-style burnished finish, we have developed Tradical® Finilys, based on the traditional standard formula with a mix of lime, sand and marble powder.


Go for something different with a revamped solution

This is where whitewash comes in — it really is worth discovering the latest version of ready-to-use Tradical® Lait de Chaux. This product makes work easier while also enabling you to benefit from the material’s matt finish, vapour permeability, durability and variety of texture.


Health has been high on the agenda from day one

Our lime solutions are rated A+, but they would be rated A+++ if this rating existed. No solvents or co-solvents. Just lime, or in other words, just limestone!


Satisfied customers

Renovation of an apartment in Montpellier, France.

Luce Borel renovated this apartment from floor to ceiling. The walls were covered with a render that was damaged in certain places, and flaky paint with irregular adhesive properties. In the end, after checking the surfaces and keeping only the old renders or paints with adhesive properties, just one coat of Tradical® Décor brought this apartment back to life. The look was completed with some stucco-style texturing in matching shades to highlight certain wall sections and provide all-round luminosity.


Examples of textures: float-smoothed render, smooth, painted


Intérior lime render

Nos articles - Chaux aérienne

La chaux pour maçonner et enduire


La chaux pour maçonner et enduire


La chaux pour maçonner et enduire

Lime for masonry and rendering

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